(Only in French, can be translated)

Each document is a detailed method defining who does what, how and at which time, in a specific clinical situation.


The scripts are pre-established scenarios dealing with relational situations.


The documents and scripts concerning the reception of patients are available to dentists having taken part in our training programme.


These documents are a modifiable framework to be personalized and adapted to each dental surgery. They are to be composed with the help of the entire dental team, printed out and kept in a ready-to-hand file.


For the dental team, this is a written framework.


It is also a learning basis and work structure for every new person joining the surgery team and in need of training (new dental nurse, stand-in dentist or dental nurse, colleague, partner).


For partners or colleagues, it is a basis for consistent dental procedures.


Should an unforeseen or difficult situation arise, the dental team should subsequently think it over and adjust the documents and scripts accordingly for future reference.



Click here to have access to the documents. Please use the password given to you during your training.