takes up the major part of his life. The aim of this activity is of course to ensure him an income reflecting the amount of energy he puts into his work and the time he has invested in his studies and training.


this psychical and physical harmony. This can be achieved through three levels of trainings which are at your disposal according to your personal needs.
However, we have always considered that this is not sufficient : the professional activity should also be a source of personal satisfaction. The pleasure taken in working involves good quality communication both internal (with the medical staff) and external (with the patients, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.).
These three levels are to be acquired one after the other, according to your needs. We highly recommend the participation of your entire medical staff, enabling you to immediately put your training into practice in the most fitting way.
This pleasure also involves a fluid and rational organization and the efficiency of our movements. With the help of a well-devised working space, we can produce better quality treatment in a shorter time with a minimum of physical fatigue.
We guarantee a limited number of participants, adapted to each training level. You will be given back-up literature, and a continuous and interactive dialogue will make sure your individual needs are met.

Choose your training

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Level 1

A 1 day training, in various cities€350/dentist, 150€/dental nurse/1 day

  • 1st part : The optimization of your surgery's status - The importance of the patient's reception and of his or her first appointment - How to install a trustful relationship with your patient. This trustworthiness promotes : a relaxed atmosphere and co-operation ; the understanding and the acceptance of the necessary treatment ; easier treatment ; the disappearance of unconcious resistances. - The optimization of the dental nurse's part, improving her independance, her involvement and her enthusiasm.
  • 2nd part : The ergonomics of the workstation - Daryl Beach's proprioceptive approach - The organization of posture and working space in order to prevent backache, as well as cervical, trapezius and shoulder pain for both the dentist and the dental nurse - The adjustment of the working environment and the optimization of the therapeutic treatment thus improving preciseness and efficiency.

Level 2

2 days, in Toulouse, France.€700/dentist, €300/dental nurse/2 days

  • Learning about proprioception - Getting acquainted with your own personal adjustments : the height of your dental stool, the distance from the patient's mouth, the positioning of your instruments, the lighting, and the dental nurse's workstation - How to move the patient's cervical spine, how to place his or her head - Getting familiar with indirect vision - Practical training on a work table with a dummy.
  • Maximum of 8 dental surgeons and 8 nurses.

Level 3 : Personal coaching

1 day with 2 instructors, in your office€2400 + traveling expenses/1 day

  • Morning : - Observation - Analyze of your working positions, the adjustment of your work space - Video recordings - Synchronized electromyographic measurements
  • Afternoon : - Adjustments of your workstation - Training practice in working with indirect vision - Training for the dental nurse
  • We shall continue to assist you on a weekly basis for a period of three months after your training, answering your questions and analyzing your photos.

Our training can only be completed in this order.

Please contact us for any further information concerning dates and places.