Ethics, satisfaction of both the patient's and the medical staff's wishes and needs, are the motivation for our ideas. Our aim is to ensure the physical and psychical harmony of all concerned, to ensure high quality treatment, to make working a pleasure, to improve the efficiency of our gestures and to reduce fatigue and stress. We ourselves put into practice in our surgeries, everything we recommend.


A new way of working


Your new equipment. Adapt your workstation to yourself and not the contrary.


New gestures


Work comfort and high quality treatment

Our qualifications


Meet the team

Pierre FARRE

Certified ergonomist (Daryl Beach) - Doctor in Dental Surgery - Doctor in Odontology - Diplomas in : Medical Psychology, Product Technology and Prothesis - Former hospital-university Assistant Professor in Total Prothesis.

After seven years of working with a conventional dental chair and of suffering backache, the discovery of Daryl Beach's concept enabled me to work differently and without pain which I have been doing for over 30 years.


Physiotherapist Masters degree (P.T.) - Osteopath - University Diploma in Ergonomics of movements and postures - Doctor in Dental Surgery - Practitioner attached to the ergonomics section of Toulouse Dental school France.

Having observed enthusiastic dentists working according to Daryl Beach's principles, this work concept instinctively seemed to me to be less absorbing. However, this instinct was not enough to convince me completely. In 2012, I therefore carried out a study comparing different ways of working, by means of electromyography and electrogoniometry. The results were distinctly in favour of Beach's method and new research work will follow.